American footballer Tom Brady criticizes Donald Trump and his allegations of electoral fraud during his visit to the White House


The 43-year-old quarterback, a longtime friend of Trump, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers visited the White House on Tuesday to celebrate their Super Bowl victory with President Joe Biden.

Dressed in a dark suit and sunglasses, Brady stood nearby as Biden greeted the team that beat the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl on February 7, his first with Tampa Bay after winning six. for the New England Patriots.

Brady went to the pulpit and joked about Trump’s baseless allegations of voter fraud, which convinced many Republicans that Biden didn’t win the election, and his description of Biden as “Sleepy Joe,” not to mention Trump. by name.

Brady said his team’s performance took off after starting the NFL season last year with a lukewarm 7-5 record.

“We found our rhythm, we started,” Brady said. “Not many people, you know, think we could have won. About 40% of people still think we didn’t win.

Tom Brady at the White House

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“Do you understand that, Mr. President?” Brady asked Biden.

“I understand that,” Biden said with a laugh.

“And personally, it’s nice for me to be back here. We had a game in Chicago where I forgot what it was about. I lost track of a down in 21 years of playing. And they started calling me “Sleepy Tom”. Why would they do this to me? Brady smirked, laughing.

The team gave Biden a Tampa Bay jersey emblazoned with the number 46 because Biden is the 46th president.

Brady had a top-down friendship with Trump, reportedly supporting him for the 2016 election, but disagreeing with his 2017 criticism of NFL players for kneeling during the national anthem, among other issues.

The Bucs’ visit was the first time the defending Super Bowl champions have been in the White House since 2017, as Biden pushes to unite America after a divisive election.

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