Bank Still Offers Mortgages When Central Texans Need It Most


For future home buyers, the new coronavirus has complicated a situation that many people already find confusing. Unless you deal with them every day, mortgages and home loans – and all of their requirements and conditions – can be difficult for the general public to understand, even in a normal market.

As home sales take off and the big banks get stricter in granting mortgages, jumbo loans, and home and construction loans, it’s more important than ever to have a local bank on your side.

SouthStar Bank serves all of central Texas and has doubled down on customer service just as true human advice seems to be fading from its larger counterparts.

This is especially true for loans that most of the big banks avoid or completely write off:

  • Jumbo loans (loans over $ 510,400). Many traditional lenders have tightened restrictions on applying for jumbo loans, but SouthStar Bank offers flexible terms and unique financing options, including low down payments.

  • Land and construction loans (purchase only the land or finance the construction of a custom house on land you already own). Customers can also opt for “build to sustainability” loans, which cover your project from start to finish – and right through to mortgage repayment – with locked in rates and a single close.

To ensure that all goes well, SouthStar Bank employees will personally visit the lots, review and approve the draw process, and be available to answer questions even one year after the loan is issued.

“I’ve used SouthStar Bank twice now, first when we bought our property and then again a few years later when we wanted to build our dream home on our property,” says client Noah W. “They were able to figure out what we wanted to do and work with us, when no other bank could handle such a large piece of land at the start and then build the house there. They worked with us throughout the process and were extremely friendly, caring and really wanted us to be a part of the process and the community. I wouldn’t look anywhere else for my needs, that’s for sure.

This same personalized attention is useful for applicants who find themselves in unique borrowing situations, such as being self-employed or just starting a new job. Rather than looking strictly at your credit score or down payment, SouthStar Bank loan officers make sure they understand the big picture.

As a bonus, get a quarter off your loan rate if you open a SouthStar Bank account and sign up for auto-drafting.

Locate your nearest branch here to speak to a loan officer, or explore all of your mortgage options online, check current rates, and even apply without having to go to the bank.

All loans are subject to approval. Other taxes and restrictions may apply. SouthStar Bank NMLS # 410624. FDIC member. Equal housing lender.

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