Call Center Scam: UK NRI Managed Accounts Receive Proceeds From Crime: The Tribune India


Nikhil bhardwaj

Tribune News Tribune

Ludhiana, July 22

Digging into the roots of the bogus call center scam into which nationals of the UK, US and Canada were duped, the criminal branch of Ludhiana Police was able to identify the UK-based NRI – United, Ashish, originally from Gujarat. It was he who managed bank accounts in the United Kingdom, in which the money of the crime was deposited.

A senior police official asking for anonymity told The Tribune: “This is the UK’s first connection, which was identified in the call center scam.”

The development came after police caught Naman Sukhadiya from Gujarat, who was in contact with Ashish, to transfer funds from the UK to India.

“This person opened bank accounts in the UK. Money deposited by UK nationals was transferred to these accounts. The suspects sent this money to India via Hawala routes and by direct transfer to Indian bank accounts, ”revealed a senior police official.

According to the sources, 60 bank accounts, which have been opened in the names of NRIs, UK nationals and other identities, have been identified by police. Now, the Punjab Police’s Financial Investigation Unit (FIU) wing would communicate with the UK government through the Indian government channel to freeze these accounts and inquire about the volume of transactions they contain. added the sources.

Police said it was possible that false identities were used to open these accounts in the UK.

Now the police are trying to identify the people based in the United States and Canada who were also handling the crime money.

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