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NEW YORK, April 7, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Chesterfield Faring, Ltd. is pleased to announce that Steven Weiss has joined our New York office. Steven will work as both an interim technical director and general manager. As CTO, he will oversee the deployment of the new state-of-the-art investor portal. He will innovate our origination platform to streamline deal acquisition and speed up the deal closing process. Steven has developed long-term relationships during his career deploying equity and debt trading platforms for Fortune 100 financial institutions such as Merrill Lynch, Citibank and Credit Suisse.

In 1996 he joined ABC News / Disney to set up live computing platforms for Peter Jennings, Barbara Walters and GMA live broadcasts covering political elections. Continuing his career, he was hired by Interactive Corporation (IAC) formerly USAI (Barry diller) where he focused on internal investment banking and technology integration for M&A activities by acquiring the growth technology companies of Ticketmaster, Expedia and Match in conjunction with Barry diller.

Steven has the rare combination of business acumen, investment banking experience, and cutting edge technology integration to create competitive rationalization platforms. As Chesterfield remains at the forefront of creating new financing structures and leveraging capital stacks for corporate and real estate investments, Steven will integrate technology to make investments much more accessible to a greater large number of investors.

In 2004, he set the new standard by creating a streamlined online loan auction platform that has sold over $ 2.0 billion performing, non-performing, REO and underperforming loans for credit institutions. The platform was used by The Carlton Group from 2004 to 2009 and was the basis of their crowdfunding portal until 2019.

Through his relationships after the 2009 recession, he closed $ 400 million in difficult financings such as land acquisition and construction loans (A&D loans) for large institutional clients, including notable players such as Bluerock REIT, Savanna, Cohen Equities and OKO Development by Vladislav Doronin. to build high rise condo and office projects in Manhattan and Miami CBD.

In 2016, he personally managed all origination and placement activities for the President of the Carlton Group, performing both the principal direct investment and the direct clients of the President. Steven still retains all of his long-standing relationships with the industry.

Steven is a proud alumnus of the University of Delaware where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a special concentration in Financial Management.

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