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AHMEDABAD: Simply a class 12 faint, Harshwardhan Parmar is said to have executed a mind-boggling scam that targeted more than 25,000 foreign nationals from nearly 40 countries. He is accused of using their credit and debit cards to purchase goods worth Rs 5 crore which he resold for cash. He also reportedly used the cards to fund a lavish lifestyle that included hosting mega-parties and staying at five-star hotels.
The 21-year-old from Isanpur committed the fraud in just 100 days, and so victims probably still have no idea what happened to their money, cyber cell officials said. Ahmedabad criminal branch.

Parmar, who lives in Narayannagar with his father, a day laborer, and his mother who works as a midwife in a municipal hospital, was arrested by cyber cell agents three months ago.
Police have been told that someone from Ahmedabad is bypassing traditional internet service to access the dark web and purchase premium goods and services by defrauding foreigners. Cops said when Parmar ordered 30 refrigerators from a location near his house, they found the perfect opportunity to set a trap. Impersonating delivery men, the cops grabbed him and the extent of his criminal insanity was revealed.
Ahmedabad youth launch ‘dark web’ to fund lavish lifestyle
He didn’t go to college, but it was just a technicality for Harshwardhan Parmar, 21, who allegedly probed the depths of the dark web and invented a scam that stole 25,000 more foreign nationals. of 5 crore rupees. He probably would have continued if he hadn’t been stopped by the cops.
Police caught him three months ago when he allegedly used details of a stolen card to order 30 refrigerators. They also seized his laptop which has a market value of $ 20,000 (approximately Rs 15 lakh). Analysis of data extracted from his gadget revealed that he allegedly scammed people from at least 40 countries, including the US, UK, Japan, France, Australia, and even Ghana.
Parmar used to buy credit and debit card details – card numbers, CVV, and expiration date – from websites run by Russian hackers. He paid between $ 10 (Around Rs 750) and $ 100 (around Rs 7,500) depending on the amount in the cardholder’s account and in which country the bank was located, ”police said.
Parmar confessed that he became addicted to cybercrime after being touted as a lucrative profession by a man named Zia Mustufa who is believed to be from Pakistan, police said. “Parmar said he contacted Zia via social media. Zia introduced him to the dark web which is now preferred by cybercriminals as a safe channel for committing financial crimes online,” said a senior police officer .
“There are countries where bank account holders do not receive a one-time password (OTP) prior to transactions. Parmar bought the details of the maps of these countries. He avoided cards from banks in India because customers get an OTP or SMS regarding the transactions, ”police said, adding:“ Once he got the card details, Parmar would use it to purchase. premium goods and services until it has reached its limit. or emptied the account. He reportedly went to the dark web and used the cards to buy luxury phones that cost over Rs 1 lakh, electronics, electrical appliances as well as gold coins and diamond jewelry. “Once he got his hands on the goods, he would sell them to traders and mall owners for cash,” police said.
“He also used the cards to throw parties for around 500 people by ordering food from expensive restaurants. Each order would cost Rs 5,000 to Rs 1,000 for a single person, ”police said, adding:“ He organized several trips to Delhi, Mumbai and Goa where he and his friends stayed in five star hotels. They also took advantage of an international escort service. Previously they spent between Rs 5-10 lakh in a single trip. Cops said Parmar got bail from a local court because he was charged with a case of cheating which is a bail offense. However, no complainant has yet come forward to grieve, they added.

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