Interest-free loan: understand how it is possible

Interest-free lending is possible, even the bible talks about it. Good Credit exists to help microentrepreneurs from all over Brazil in their achievements, in fulfilling their dreams. In addition to doing this with our financial education courses, we also work to make interest-free microcredit feasible for low-income entrepreneurs.

Thus, we hope to contribute to the success of the 8th Millennium Sustainable Development Goal, stipulated by the UN: decent employment and economic growth. This text is to show how it is possible to make an interest-free loan by Good Credit.

There is a nonsense in the current economy


For the same service, big banks usually charge more to those who can less. For example, the low-income population does not have access to credits that meet their needs. Usually, the credits offered mean exorbitant interest.

The Good Credit Network is changing the paradigm of productive microcredit in Brazil and you can be part of it!

How it works

Productive microcredit has no interest at Good Credit as financing is not centralized. Unlike banks, credit unions and community banks, the money does not come from a single fund. It comes from the network.

The idea is simple: several people lend to a single entrepreneur who will pay the debt in installments throughout the execution of his project. They are solitary people who have better purchasing power and want to use it to help others, who have not had the same opportunities, in their ventures.

Whoever lent, say, R $ 50, will have the same R $ 50 at the end of the financed project, but the micro-entrepreneur will be closer to his achievements and will be able to aim for more quality for his professional, personal and family life. It looks like common crowdfunding, the difference is that instead of donating the person will be lending.

In this sense, the Good Credit interest-free loan process used is the peer to peer, lending model, a disruptive trend in the financial sector that, in a nutshell, means an individual loan to an individual. We mobilized the network to make this possible. We encourage the practice of collaborative economy so that solidarity reaches more people.

Who can take out an interest-free loan with Good Credit?

Who can take out an interest-free loan with Good Credit?

Thinking of the individual’s empowerment, a loan is much more effective than the charity itself.

As a social business, Good Credit focuses on its products and services at the base of the economic pyramid. We want to help finance the dreams of micro-entrepreneurs, so the loans are geared to production and not consumption. In this sense, we are in line with the proposal for oriented productive microcredit led by Good Finance and disseminated by large banks, the difference is that at Good Credit we do not charge interest.

We are looking for people who are in need of financing for ongoing business and want to expand it or who are already familiar with the sector in which they intend to invest.