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Mississippians planning their summer travel are considering Southwest Airlines as a budget alternative in 2021. Southwest jets are returning to serve Jackson Wiley Medgar Evers International Airport starting June 6.

After going out of business in Jackson in June 2014, Southwest flights are returning in just two months and it can’t happen soon enough. Residents of central Mississippi are excited to have another travel alternative to reach destinations like Houston and Orlando. There will be flights between Jackson and Atlanta for as little as $ 59 one way.

Kevin russell


“The pricing and efficiency of Southwest Airlines add a tremendous option to the traveling public,” says Kevin Russell. “Southwest’s presence will help keep all air fares to and from Jackson more competitive to the consumer. ”

Belhaven vice president for listing and marketing Russell has used Southwest for years and the Mississippian can’t wait to make it a travel habit again. “As a frequent traveler, I love the simplicity of their business model… from boarding to prices to peanuts !. ”

The price for flying anywhere in the United States is not cheap. Millions of passengers appreciate airlines like Southwest for trying to keep costs down. And with more than three million COVID-19 vaccines in the arms of Americans every day, experts predict a significant spike for summer and fall travel across the country. Easter and spring break marked the busiest travel time since the pandemic.



With the last of her immediate family members vaccinated, Madison resident Monique Harrison Henderson will embark on Southwest flights later this year.

“Watch out, California, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and beyond,” says Henderson, education consultant and writer. “We’re on our way home!

When Southwest stopped flying out of Jackson, it limited his family’s travel plans. “A lot of times you can get better airline ticket deals on Southwest – and with a family of four flying, even slight variations in airline ticket costs can really add up quickly! ”

When Monique’s family moved to central Mississippi from Southern California, she was disappointed that they no longer had access to Southwest Airlines here. The airliner began serving Jackson Airport in 1997. Coming back to serve Jackson Airport again is well chosen.

In the months to come, Americans will hit the road in droves. Getaways are tempting after numerous lockdowns due to the onset of the pandemic in March 2020. Some Southwest summer one-way fares are as low as $ 49.

Business leaders in the Mississippi capital believe the revival of Southwest Airlines will spur economic growth.

jeff rent


Jeff Rent, president and CEO of the Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership, anticipates further investment and job creation in the region.

“The additional routes will result in more passengers visiting the area while making travel easier and more affordable for our residents, thereby improving the quality of life on the Jackson subway. ”

Rent applauds Jackson Municipal Airport Authority officials for their efforts to recruit the high quality, low cost airline in Magnolia State.



Lawyer T. Calvin Wells, partner in the Jackson office of Phelps Dunbar, welcomes Southwest Airlines.

With a legal practice focused on complex business financing and acquisitions for a variety of Mississippi companies, Wells travels frequently.

“I was delighted to hear that Southwest Airlines is back in Jackson because it’s great news for our city. I am one of their biggest fans because of their reliability and the speed of their flights. ”

It doesn’t just benefit his business trips. “Their low fares have allowed our family to take a number of trips that otherwise would not have been possible. ”

Wells is hoping that many other members of the state will follow his advice. “I encourage everyone to fly southwest so that additional destinations can be considered in the future. ”

On April 6, near a Pearl constituency, James Bailey noted the tangible benefits of Southwest’s decision to visit Jackson again. His older brother, Charles, lives in Houston. Boarding a Southwestern airliner would end his 450 mile drive to Texas. And the same goes for his brother’s long trip to Mississippi.

“When Southwest pulled out, it made my life harder,” says James Bailey, 56, a Brandon resident. Employed in the auto industry for 33 years before retiring, he said the Southwest exit in 2014 suddenly cut off flights to Orlando and Houston.

The rebirth of the Southwest in Jackson, Mississippi will also be good business for his wife, Rachel. She has two brothers who are Houstonians. Those 6.5-hour trips on the Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas freeways have aged for the Bailey family.

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